Protecting and helping the caregiver

The job of a caregiver is not simple at all and involves many aspects that have to be taken into consideration. Depending on the person’s mobility, incontinence or continence, presence of wounds, person’s skin sensitivity, mental condition and other factors – the process of care has to be adapted accordingly. If the person in care had a surgery, it is important that all relevant documentation is available, so that the caregiver may know how to approach the care process.


The first aspect in the work with patient is protection. It is important to protect oneself because that means that the person in your care is also protected.


There are several types of gloves intended for use during various tasks. Medical gloves are special in that they prevent passing on infections and contamination between the patient and the caregiver and also protect the gloves wearer from contact with various fluids and medications. Medical gloves must pass high-standard tests, because the caregivers and healthcare professionals are particularly exposed to various medications that may penetrate the skin and also to various bacteria. It is important to pay attention to the signs denoting the segment of protection and application possibilities.


Disinfection is a very important segment of care. Disinfection prevents infecting the person who, due to health condition, is probably more sensitive and prone to infection. A special disinfecting gel protects and disinfects hands, i.e. eliminates a high percentage of bacteria that are present in healthcare. It absorbs very fast, while only small amounts are needed to achieve full effect.


When it comes to care, every help is welcome.  It makes the work of a caregiver faster and easier, reduces the costs and, most of all, increases the comfort of the person in care.


Bib makes care easier, as it reduces the need to change clothes if a person has difficulties eating. Due to the surgical procedure or an inconvenient feeding angle, or due to reduced mobility of the person or reduced function of the jaw and muscles involved in eating and drinking, the bib is always a useful aid in care. you may choose among two types: washable and disposable (link). the washable bib certainly has the environment friendly component and we certainly recommend it, but sometime the disposable bib, because of its simple use, may be the right choice.

Feeding table

Feeding table is a kind of bed supplement used for feeding, but also for reading, using tablet or similar, which increases the comfort of the patient. Thanks to its mobility and adaptability, it makes the feeding process much simpler.

Bedside cabinet

Bedside cabinet may contain a detachable part which may also be used as a feeding table. Furthermore, all medications and things that make the patient’s everyday life easier may be stored away at bedside, which reduces the need for a caregiver in that segment.

Back support

Certain beds (especially if the person has no medical bed rented), provide no option to raise the person and change the lying positions.  In that case, a back support facilitates the feeding process, but also increases the comfort of the person in care, enabling the change of positions during the day. It reduces the caregiver’s efforts when raising the person in care.

Wedge pillows

It is very important to change positions during the day, in order to avoid the development of pressure ulcers on body parts that are exposed to pressure all day long. Wedge pillows (link) make movements of the lying person easier and increase comfortable feeling of both the caregiver and the person in care. For more information on the usage of wedge pillows, please contact us at our free phone number 0800 206 206.

Heel protection

Preventing the development of pressure wounds, i.e. pressure ulcers is a very important segment in making the work of caregivers easier and, of course, providing for the comfort and health of the persons in care. Heel protection is an important aid when the patient is not lying on a pressure mattress. Heels are the most sensitive body part, very often the first one developing pressure ulcers during long lying time. Therefore, it is important to protect them as much as possible.

Protection in bed

An additional protection in bed is provided by the disposable Abri Soft pads, that enable an easier cleaning process and reduce the need for frequent washing of bed linen (more than really necessary).

Oil spray

Oil spray enables easy and faster treatment of the patient’s skin. Spray makes it easier and faster to rub the oil onto the skin, while the components of this oil (vitamin E i bisabolol) provides skin care and protection. This product has proven to save valuable time for the caregiver and offers maximum comfort to the patient. It is also suitable for skin care when changing bandages or during massage.

Shampoo cap / Inflatable shampoo basin

If the person is semi-mobile personal hygiene may be difficult. To make the whole process of hair washing easier, it is advisable to use either the special shampoo cap shampoo cap or the inflatable shampoo basin, depending on your wishes. For more information click here.

Incontinence aids

If the patient is incontinent, it is very important to use adequate quality incontinence aids. Their quality is a guarantee that there will be no rashes, irritation and infections of the skin, and this reduces the requirements for additional care. Besides, a quality aid protects the user, but also the bed, which reduces the cleaning requirements.  Patient’s comfort is the primary concern. But, also the caregiver’s comfort is very important for a top-quality care service.  For more information on incontinence and their adequate usage click here.

Commode chair

In cases of reduced mobility the commode chair is an ideal solution for easier defecation and cleaning process. It provides safety and comfort and, thanks to its hygienic structure and movability of the chair and the detachable pan, the cleaning process is made much easier.


Perhaps the most important piece of equipment that facilitates the care procedure is the medical bed. The beds are available for rent which reduces the costs, while at the same time improves the quality of care for the patient. The medical bed offers stability and comfort for the patient and provides numerous advantages for easier care and quality health support. For more information click here.

For more advice how to facilitate the care process and improve patient’s comfort, please contact us at our free phone number 0800 206 206.