Care for bedridden persons

There are several segments of care for the bedridden persons and each of them has to be adjusted to fit the needs of the patient, but if possible also of the caregiver and certainly to be adjusted to the space in which the patient is accommodated. It is important to provide adequate, high-quality care in each segment.

Maintaining personal hygiene

Depending on the condition of the patient, various aids are needed to facilitate the maintenance of personal hygiene.  From shampoo cap, dry cleansing gloves, dry cleansing foam, special medical cosmetics providing gentle intimate care, commode chair, bidet, female or male urinals – there is a wide range of products that facilitate the care for the bedridden patient. For more information click here.

The first important concern in the care for a bedridden person is to keep the room in which the hygiene procedure takes place warm, to use pleasant lukewarm water, to provide for maximum protection and quick drying in order to avoid hypothermia and cold. After the hygiene procedure, make sure that the room is warm if the temperature of the environment is below 25°C, until blood circulation restores normal bodily temperature of the patient. Don’t forget that the majority of warmth is released through the head, so if you washed the patient’s hair and head, it is important to make sure they are dried quickly.


Whether we’re talking about the feeding table or bib, or back support, feeding can be made easier, providing for more comfort for the patient. For more information check here.

Skin care

For a person confined to bed for a long time, it is extremely important to get quality skin care. Along with position changes, Activ Gel which maintains the surface circulation and the exchange of toxins, prevent the development pressure sores (pressure ulcers). Spray oil, SkinCare Ointment, Zinc Ointment and other medical cosmetic products help with skin irritations, restore skin moisture levels and create a protective film on the skin, thus providing adequate skin care. Read more.

Mattresses/ mattress toppers/ wheelchairs/ beds

For a person confined to bed for a long time, comfort is very important. Due to reduced mobility, continued pressure on certain body parts and the person’s general weakness, there is an increased possibility of development of pressure sores, i.e. pressure ulcers. To prevent the development of such sores, it is advisable to use adequate mattresses. The mattresses and mattress toppers for that specific purpose, as well as beds, are available for rent. Read more.


Very often, persons with reduced mobility suffer from some kind of incontinence. For maximum comfort of such persons and for the improvement of their health status, all you have to know about incontinence you may read here.

Help for the caregiver

How to facilitate care and which aids to use for more comfort and better care for the patient you may read here.