Preparing your home for the postoperative period

Since it is very likely that you will spend a certain period after the surgery at home, it is important to make preparations to make things easier for you. Of course, the preparation of your home depends on whether you live alone or not, whether you will be able to move after the surgery at all and what kind of surgery you have had, so these instructions should be adapted to your individual needs.


The first and most important thing is to prevent any kind of infection and irritation and to clean up everything you need, so that you don’t have to worry about that for some time right after the surgery.

Barriers preventing movement

Remove everything that might get in your way while moving through the corridor and the rest of your living space.  Whether we’re talking about the shoes at your doorstep, a doormat that may get in your way when (if) you use the walker or anything that may impose the risk of tripping over, such as wires – make sure that there are no barriers preventing your free movement.


If your home stretches over several floors, it is definitely recommended not to strain yourself during the first couple of days and to stay, if possible, in the ground floor area. You should certainly check the firmness and stability of your stair handrails, as after the surgery you will probably lean on them more than you used to do before.


Make sure to have convenient nightlights so that you may reach the bathroom safely during the night.  Night visits to the toilette are very frequent after bladder surgery.

Things you will need in the postoperative period

Make sure that everything you will need after the surgery is easily accessible once you have come home after the surgery. A list of the things you will need in that period you may find here.

Food and groceries

If you live alone or if you know that in the period after the surgery you will be alone for a while, make sure to prepare food and groceries so you don’t have to go shopping during those first couple of days. Certainly follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding a particular diet after the surgery. Simple, homemade cooked food with as little spices as possible is the best.

Bathroom safety

Prepare yourself for easier personal hygiene routine after the surgery. Depending on the type and gravity of the surgery, as well as your mobility, you may prepare yourself in different ways. Read more here.