Skin care and incontinence

Incontinent persons are particularly prone to potential skin problems.

The user of incontinence products is often exposed to wearing of an incontinence product all day long.  It is very important to change the incontinence aid often enough (after it has been used), to use quality aids and to clean the groin area with cleansing wipes and nourish it with spray oil.

We often encounter inadequate selection of the incontinence product. An inadequate size of the product and poor hand hygiene may also be the source of problems. Cleaning of the lower part of the body often causes unease of the patients and unfortunately, regardless of good choice of the incontinence aid, urea still remains (in traces) on the body, which diminishes bacteria resistance of the skin. Make sure to disinfect your hands with a quality disinfectant that will not damage the skin on your hands, use protective gloves for your own safety and for the safety of the patient.

Quality skin care is extremely important for the people suffering from incontinence.  Chose quality medical cosmetics Abena Skincare , tested for alergogenic and irritation potential.