Skin assessment/care

Checking of the patient’s skin should include the following assessment:

  • if the skin free of moisture
  • are there any tears or breaks in the skin
  • any oedema present
  • increased skin temperature on certain spots
  • does the skin feel firmer or softer in certain spots
  • any eczema or rashes present

It is necessary to check the skin status regularly in order to spot early symptoms of pressure ulcers.

Skin care:

  1. Skin should be kept dry and clean, soft and elastic, by using the hydrating cream.
  2. Skin care products have to be scent free and without allergenic substances.
  3. Soft skin (maceration) has to be protected, for instance with protective cream.
  4. Moisture and increased temperature make the skin sensitive to pressure and shearing.
  5. Do not apply massage as a preventive measure, since it leads to increased pressure on the capillaries and thus increases the risk of potential damage.
  6. Do not rub the skin during bathing, because rubbing may cause damage to the tissue, especially in older and sensitive patients.