Products that will help you prevent pressure ulcers development

Pressure mattresses are intended for persons who are confined to bed for a long time. They are made of special foam that provides for maximum comfort and prevents the development of pressure. The mattresses are delivered with mattress overlays, stretchable in all directions, airy, resistant to liquids and mite. Washable at 95°C. We all know how important it is to be comfortable while in bed and that we will wake up tired if the bed was uncomfortable. Imagine how it feels when you are a bedridden patient.

Anatomic support pillows may significantly contribute to the comfort of a bedridden patient. They are made of foam that anatomically adapts to the shape of the head, neck and shoulders, offering an optimum support and equal pressure distribution. These are multi-purpose pillows, they may be used to position and support legs, to distribute pressure evenly and to stabilize the position, to relief heel area, to stabilize back and the like. Washable at 60°C

Special wheelchair pillows are also made of foam that adapts to body temperature and shape, thus increasing sitting comfort. The sitting position is stabilized and the pressure on bony prominence is reduced, while at the same time supporting the correct sitting position.

Profiling beds are suitable for caring after patients who are, for various reasons, confined to bed for a long time. These meet the highest requirements of domestic and residential care environment. Side rails, easy to mount, provide for additional safety of the patient. The height of the backrest and leg rest is adjustable via handset control. These beds have accessories such as infusion racks, urine bottle holders etc. They are very functional and comfortable.

All these products are available for rent. For more information please check here. Thanks to all available products, quality medical cosmetics and appropriate care, PRESSURE ULCERS CAN BE PREVENTED!

Our product specialist will help you select and explain all relevant information about the mattresses. “Prevention against pressure ulcers” training is also possible if required.

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