Pressure ulcers and diet

Persons with overweight or underweight, dehydrated persons or persons with reduced food intake are exposed to a higher risk of developing pressure ulcers.

To satisfy their needs for energy and food, they have to be offered breakfast, lunch, supper and three in-between meals. The food has to be adapted to individual patient’s requirements (e.g. food consistency or energy level) and their diet has to be rich in proteins. It may also be necessary to review the measures of feeding assistance for the patient.

Nutrition status of all patients and persons in care should be checked regularly.

Food supplements in form of nutritive drinks with high protein content may be used as an addition to regular food. Such nutritive drinks have to be administered between meals to avoid potential negative impact on normal feeding and fluids intake processes. Food and fluids intake have to be recorded so that the patient’s diet may be adapted to the calculated energy intake.