How does the technology of alternating mattresses and mattress toppers affect the patient?

  1. The classical alternating mattresses and mattress toppers apply obsolete technology that has been in use for over 35 years
  2. The patient lying on a mattress like this feels cold and spends calories he needs, condensation occurs because of air exchange cycles and the consequences of all this are not welcome in the prevention of pressure ulcers.
  3. Pressure ulcers require peace and quiet to heal and this cannot be achieved with this kind of technology.
  4. Their comfortableness is questionable, they often cause anxiety and nausea.
  5. Hygienic standards are only rarely met or not met at all.
  6. Clinical proof and supporting certificates assuring pressure and shear forces relief either do not exist or are unavailable.

That is why we opt for quality and use the brand Care of Sweden mattresses, proven through research results to be most effective  in the: 

  • prevention of pressure ulcers development
  • treatment of pressure ulcers
  • pain management
  • reduction of medications
  • improved quality of life for the patient
  • reduction of care costs
  • easier cleaning and maintenance