More information about the application

What is SimBex application?

With the aim of helping as many users as possible, SimBex has created a mobile application through which, in a simple and easy way, it provides advice and information on the incontinence problem.

What separates SimBex from other mobile applications that deal with the problem of incontinence is the fact that SimBex application was created as a result of numerous researches, educations and counselling.

We want to facilitate access to advice and information that can help prevent incontinence, discover its causes, and finding the right aids. Therefore, we have decided to integrate our experience and knowledge, acquired in over 25 years of work, in a unique and free mobile application.

For whom is the application intended?

SimBex mobile application is created for each user who is facing the incontinence problems, as well as for their families in order to gain a better insight in this health problem and to be able to provide understanding and support to the person who is facing the incontinence. Application is also intended for those who are not suffering from incontinence problem, but they want to know more about its prevention.

What SimBex application offers?

SimBex application consists of several modules; Info, Exercises, Product/Exercise Log.

In Info module, the user can find out more about the causes and types of incontinence, prevention, types of aids and their proper application, skin care, etc.

Exercises module offer detailed information and instructions for pelvic floor muscle exercises, which helps to reduce the effects of stress incontinence and to improve potency in men. The benefits of these exercises are manifested in the return of muscle tone after childbirth, holding the urine and enhancing blood flow to the genital area, which has a beneficial effect on sexual life.

In the Log module, the user can get a detailed insight into the performed exercises of the pelvic floor muscles as well as the used aids. Exercise and used aids data are displayed by day and summarized for the last 7, 30 and 365 days.

How to download SimBex mobile application?

SimBex mobile application is free of charge and it is available for iOS and Android.
Download the application through the following links: