Postoperative care / Bathroom care

Anti-slip surfaces / Bath grab rails

After the surgery, it is important to feel safe in one’s daily hygiene routine. Therefore, make sure that all slippery surfaces are covered by anti-slip rubber mats, if necessary, put bath or shower grab rails and toilet support rails.

Raised toilet seat

For comfort and safety, and individual abilities, it is sometimes necessary to install a comfortable raised toilet seat that makes sitting on the toilet and standing up afterwards easier. On top of that, the raised toilet seat reduces the risk of fall.

Bidet bowl for the toilet

Bidet bowl makes personal cleansing easier, especially for persons with limited or no mobility. The bidet bowl may be filled up like a small tub, it slips into any standard toilet bowl, easy and comfortable to use. For better personal cleansing we recommend Intimate Care soap. It is particularly gentle, not irritating, perfume and colour free. It rinses easily and it has PH 3.5 regulated by lactic acid which is particularly pleasant for the skin.

Bath tub board/ Shower seat

Bath tub board or shower seat reduce fatigue during shower or bath.  For the patients with reduced mobility or those who get tired of standing and walking quickly, or those who have problems to get out of the tub or who suffer from vertigo – it is safer and more comfortable to take a bath sitting.

Inflatable shampoo basin/ Shampoo cap

If the person is semi-mobile or immobile, hair washing may be difficult. The disposable shampoo cap makes the whole process easier: you just put it on the patient’s head and gently rub. The cap contains shampoo and conditioner, no rinsing is needed. It can be used at normal room temperature, without water, or it can be warmed up in a microwave for 15-12 seconds. The next solution is the inflatable shampoo basin , also a very practical aid for home care. It provides for a comfortable position of the head while washing the patient’s head. It holds 5 l of water.

Shower and bathing oil

Thanks to its special anti-allergenic  and anti-irritation composition, our shower and bathing oil is suitable for usage in the shower after the surgery. It leaves no film in the bathing water. It contains etheric oils, natural jojoba and aloe vera oils, hydrating and preventing inflammation and soothing red and sensitive skin. It hydrates the skin and provides additional skin care.

Dry cleansing foam

This particularly gentle dry cleansing foam contains special components for sensitive and gentle skin care. Thanks to its components like panthenol, bisabolol and hammamelis extracts, it is suitable even for baby care. A pleasant foamy emulsion of quickly decomposing composition distributes easily and provides for good cleansing effects.

Dry cleansing glove

Simple usage enables the cleansing of the entire body with gentle rubbing movements. Dermatologically tested, contains no perfume, preservatives, alcohol, parabene or allergens, phenoxyethanol or any other additions. It leaves a fresh feeling and facilitates the cleansing of persons with reduced mobility or immovable persons. The glove may be warmed up in the microwave, which makes it more comfortable for the skin of the treated person. If needed, protect your hands with medical gloves, you can put inside the dry cleansing glove.

Oil spray

All components originate from plants. Vitamin E and bisabolol provide care for sensitive skin areas. The practical form (spray) makes it easy to use on all body parts. It is suitable for skin care when changing bandages or during massage.