Medical skin care

ABENA SKINCARE is top medical cosmetics developed in Sweden as a result of collaboration of teams of experts, doctors – dermatologists and pharmacists. It is designed and composed of quality ingredients, all for the purpose of providing optimal medical skin care and protection.

ABENA SKINCARE offers a wide range of products: creams, lotions and skin hygiene products.  The product line was developed in collaboration with the consumers, for the purpose of meeting particular needs of every single customer.

ABENA SKINCARE is intended for persons who have problems with specific skin diseases, such as pressure ulcers, eczema, psoriatic rashes, irritated or dry skin and the like.

ABENA SKINCARE is intended for persons whose skin is exposed to aggressive and skin damaging influences of the environment and our way of life, on a daily basis (polluted atmosphere, stress and the like).

Abena Skincare medical cosmetics is clinically tested for efficiency and skin tolerability, as well as for allergenic and irritation potential at the Clinics for skin and venereal  diseases of the skin at the Clinical Hospital Centre of the Medical School, University of Zagreb.

Medical cosmetics “Scented Abena Skincare” is delicately scented. The scented oils used for these products are manufactured in compliance with the IFRA (The International Fragrance Association) guidelines, in order to prevent possible allergenic reactions.

All components originate from plants. There is no risk of BSE being passed through ingredients of animal origin, because our products do not contain such ingredients. All ingredients are in compliance with the EC (EG ??) regulations on cosmetic products. There are two different ways of lotions production, namely the “oil in water” and “water in oil” lotions.

Lotions based on oil in water are quickly absorbed by human skin. the skin does not have a greasy feeling and you may continue with your work, for instance with gloves or instruments.

Lotions based on water in oil are very greasy and very slowly absorbed by human skin. Abena lotions are of the oil in water type – and of top quality. An exception to this are the zinc ointment and cream for skin care, where it is desirable that a protective film is left on the skin.


Skin is the largest human organ, the average surface area of the skin of an adult being 1.8m2. It varies in thickness on various body parts, depending on its function.

Human skin is composed of 3 main layers:

The function of skin is to protect the human body from external influences such as blows, heat, cold, radiation and microorganisms like bacteria. Skin plays an important role in the regulation of body temperature, excretion of water and salt, it sends information to touch perception, sweat secretion.

There are 4 skin types:

Different skin types require different skin care products. this is one of the reasons why it is extremely important to offer a wide range of products for an individualized approach to skin care.

As years pass, our skin changes. As we age, the epidermis and dermis get thinner, the number of blood veins gets smaller. The number of skin layers is reduced and the growth of cells is slowed down. The bonds between the epidermal and dermal layers of skin break down which for older persons means a higher risk of skin ulcers. At the same time, blood circulation is reduced by 30%-40%, generating a higher risk of blood pressure disorders. With the reduction of sweat glands, the quantity of sebum produced by the body is reduced which leads to dry skin. Dry skin reduced resistance to penetration of bacteria, which means that for older persons it is very important to maintain the hydration balance and the barrier between the fat and water in an artificial way. Older people usually have very sensitive skin, reacting violently to all external influences.