Exercise for the pelvis floor muscles

Exercise for the pelvis floor muscles have to be done with full focus.

Basic exercises can be done anywhere, either sitting or standing.

Imagine a muscle trampoline leading from your rump to pubic bone.

Sit straight and relax your shoulders. Focus on the anus sphincter  (sphincter muscle). Raise and squeeze the sphincter, as if you wanted to prevent yourself from passing a wind. Then add the pelvic floor muscles, as if you were raising them, i.e. as if you wanted to stop the flow of urine.

Raise and lift the pelvic floor muscles, check the duration of contraction. Try to keep the contraction up to 3 seconds, slowly extending the contractions up to 10 seconds. Shoulders, buttocks, thighs, hands, and feet have to be relaxed during this exercise.

Then relax for as long as the contraction lasted.

Try to make 3 to 5 contractions in a set, gradually increasing up to 10 contractions. Do at least three sets in a day.