Types of incontinence products


ABRI SAN, anatomically shaped pads are available in four different sizes, depending on the degree of incontinence. There are small ones (ABRI SAN MINI) that are not much larger than hygienic pads, and larger like ABRI SAN NORMAL.  Adhesive tape is placed on the front and the back part of the pad, which ensures simple and easy product placement.

When selecting an appropriate pad, attention should be paid to its absorption power. For larger amounts of urine, it is necessary to have a greater absorption capacity such as ABRI SAN SUPER and ABRI SAN FORTE. ABRI SAN SUPER serves for the treatment of moderate incontinence and ABRI SAN FORTE for the treatment of severe incontinence.

Aforementioned pads can be additionally fixed with ABRI NET mesh elastic panties, which adhere well to the body and do not cling.

All-In-One diapers

ABRI FORM (all-in-one diapers) system is specially adapted to severe types of incontinence. ABRI FORM diapers are fastened with multiple adhesive strips that allow individual adjustment of the patient’s hips volume. Hydrophobic edge protection and good grip on the body provide almost 100% protection against leakage. The humidity indicator on the outside shows how much of the diaper absorption capacity is used.

Pull-Up diapers SimBex Active Comfort

After 25 years of work and experience, countless education and research, we have decided to offer something new, better, and simpler, yet clear enough to recognize as ours.

The tradition of quality and reliability has now been expanded with a new generation of high-quality product called SIMBEX ACTIVE COMFORT.

The yellow logo, as evidence of proven quality, is still there, and the packaging design makes it easier to recognize and select the right size of the product.

SimBex Active Comfort, discrete diapers with high absorption power. Their look and way of usage is not much different from normal underwear. A large number of elastic lycra allows stronger body ailments and thus facilitates the user’s life and activity.

Top Dry Dry Surface System (due to rapid and even absorption), odor neutralization system and leak protection are just some of the advanced functions of the SimBex Active Comfort product.

To ensure user comfort, the SimBex Active Comfort discreet diapers are available in three standard sizes (small, medium, large).

Bed protection sheets

Absorbent protection sheets for bed and chair, of various sizes and absorption levels are the special protection that provides safety in many situations. The absorbing core consists of fluff fibers that maximally absorb in each application area.

Shaped channels ensure optimum distribution of absorbent fluids and strengthen the core. The upper layer of non-woven fabric cares about the optimal dryness and softness of the product. Watertight background prevents fluid leakage.

This type of protection is designed for a wheelchair, bed and chair – wherever additional protection is needed.