Characteristics of high-quality aids

Along with healthy habits, regular examinations, and pelvic floor muscle training, it is possible to prevent incontinence and stay continent throughout the old age.

An incontinent person to whom we help in the best possible way can live more freely and with dignity. Helping someone who suffers from incontinence, in the best possible way, means greatly improving the quality of life of an individual we help.

When incontinence is properly treated, the person returns to life.

Characteristics of high-quality aids:

  • impermeable to the secretion and odors
  • relatively silent (no-rustle diaper)
  • sure absorbs the amount of urine and / or the feces
  • prevents or eliminates skin complications
  • is pleasing to the skin
  • is used to prophylactic the pressure ulcer
  • is optically unobtrusive
  • supports user’s independence
  • enables the user to maintain social contacts
  • easy to get and store
  • it’s economical

For a good result of using aids at incontinence, it is important to know how to set it up properly. Educate yourself about the proper use of aids in incontinence.