Changes during pregnancy and their effect on the veins

Pregnancy is a special and exciting period for every woman, but also a period of many changes on their bodies. These changes in pregnancy may lead to varicose veins development.

  • During pregnancy the body produces a hormone called progesterone that increases tissue elasticity, so that the body may adapt to growing uterus. This has a negative impact on the veins, as they become more elastic and widened to be able to hold larger volumes of blood.
  • An increased blood volume is yet another reason for the development of varicose veins in pregnancy. The blood volume in the body of a pregnant women increases by up to 20%.
  • Due to reduced mobility, the activity of the muscle pump is reduced, so that a heavy feeling in the legs may appear, tension, cramps and swelling.
  • The pressure of a growing uterus on the veins in the pelvis may make the flow of venous blood to the heart difficult.