Advice for healthy veins

Adopting some simple habits in your daily routines may help you prevent problems with veins, such as:

  • flat shoes, comfortable clothes, insoles for healthy feet
  • walking whenever possible, preferably barefoot
  • no crossed legs when sitting
  • exercise (swimming, walking, hiking, running, gym, cycling)
  • use stairs instead of the elevator
  • healthy food, surplus weight loss
  • take occasional breaks and rest your legs in an elevated position
  • ensure sufficient fluids intake
  • wash your feet in cold water every morning and evening
  • avoid prolonged stay in the sun, in a hot bath, shower or sauna
  • exercise your legs and feet even while sitting
  • during long travels make sure to have travel (preventive) compressions stockings
  • if you are exposed to prolonged standing or sitting, wear appropriate compression stockings
  • during long car rides make pauses and stretch your legs every two hours