The importance of feet

Feet are the only part of our bodies in constant contact with the surface on which we stand, walk or sit, even (in certain positions) while we are in a lying position. Therefore, one part of our feet is always carrying the mass of our body.

Being barefoot and walking barefoot is the healthiest thing to do – in this way we massage our feet and relax certain areas that are exposed to constant pressure while our feet are enclosed in all types of footwear. Of course, the base should not be flat, but as rounded as possible, like walking on lumpy soil or beach pebbles. It may be painful in the beginning, because our feet are not used to using their full potential, but after some time we will wish to avoid footwear, because of the pleasant feeling we experience while walking barefoot (of course, one should be careful about the temperature of the base and own sensitivity to coldness and adapt to that, in order to avoid hypothermic effect of certain body parts). Wearing modern, non-functional footwear reduces the flexibility of our feet. As time passes, the ability of our feet to adapt to the surface we walk on is reduced and various deformities and painful conditions may develop. On top of that, inadequate footwear, hours of standing or sitting, overweight may cause problems with our knees, hips and spinal chord. It is not exaggerated to say that our feet are the foundations of our bodies.

Frequent headaches may be caused by poor posture or abnormalities of foot arches. It is important to maintain proper natural function of foot arches. Properly rounded foot arches are able to equally distribute and transfer the body load and absorb irregularities of the surface we walk on.