Foot skin

When walking barefoot, our foot skin adapts, i.e. becomes less sensitive, thickening in order to create a protective layer on our feet.It is important to constantly maintain the health of foot skin, moisturizing the skin with creams (for instance Skincare ointment), to keep the skin soft and flexible, so that the surface we walk on would not damage our skin, but contribute to our health.

Foot skin has to “breathe”. When “breathing” is prevented because of inadequate footwear and/or bad choice of socks/stockings, our skin may become either dry or constantly wet, which may cause fungal infections. Foot skin may also be wet because of overly active nervous system caused by stress or excessive excretion of toxins from our body. In that case, it is advisable to use silver socks and to treat the feet with colloidal silver, as it is reported to have unparalleled antibacterial effect.

Diabetics have particularly sensitive feet, so that fungal infections are more frequent (this is where Soft Socks and Venofa Med nail stick help). Diabetics have to be particularly cautious, as even the smallest injury may be dangerous, since wounds in diabetic patients heal slowly.