Social responsibility

What the Academy of Education Development says about SimBex

Simbex is a small business selling imported medical equipment for incontinence and pressure ulcers as well as children’s diapers. At the same time, SimBex’s strategic investment into customer care and the provision of free health care services goes far beyond immediate marketing interests.

Through its chain of counselling centres around Croatia and education booklets, funded through Simbex’s foundation, people with incontinence problems can get professional advice and training in the use of equipment, as well as prevention exercises. Every new customer is first enrolled in the testing and adaptation program that lasts for a month and may end up with professional advice not to use SimBex’s product.

According to owner and CEO of SimBex, creating a foundation seemed to be a natural step for this company. She emphasized that incontinence is an important social problem that causes serious psychological difficulties for people affected by it, but is still not addressed appropriately in Croatia. With a genuine concern for people affected by this problem, the company’s support has less to do with a marketing opportunity and was initiated more from a desire to raise awareness to the issue in Croatia where it is estimated that 17% of the population suffers from incontinence, well above the European average.

Since its founding in 1992, SimBex has invested approximately 2,5 m HRK (360.000 USD) into the education of personnel in health and social care institutions (especially in homes for elderly people), groups of patients and individual users of their products. Among the many actions organized or supported by SimBex, it is worth singling out a program recently begun on sexual education for youth, an important incontinence prevention measure as frequent urinary infection in youth, as result of sexual activity, may cause incontinence later in life.

Source:  An Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility in Croatia