SimBex foundation

SimBex Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose, main purpose is to provide support and help to senior persons, with a special emphasis on incontinence problems and pressure ulcers.

It was founded pursuant to the approval of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. After that, on 16th November 2001, the Ministry of Justice, Administration and Local Self-Government issued a Decree of its foundation.

SimBex Foundation was founded with the goal to implement programmes useful for the community in general, charitable programmes and projects. According to the way it was founded, it is a unique organization of that kind in Europe.

Since its founding, SimBex Foundation has gradually developed the existing and organized new forms of help and support for the senior people. Within the scope of care for the old and the infirm, SimBex Foundation has been engaged in many activities, distributed into different programmes: Seminars and Education, Counselling, Panel Discussions, Donations of Aids and Cosmetics, Info Centre, Actions and Events, Scientific Research and Publications, Centre for Health Improvement.


Today, the Simbex Foundation counts approx. 4000 members. Within the framework of the Foundation, the Centre for the Improvement of Life and Health of the Elderly is open.