Since its founding in 1992, SimBex is continually engaged in education in the use of aids for incontinence with the aim of providing the best quality of care for people with incontinence. A number of expert consultations, research and seminars support this goal.

In 1993 and 1994, SimBex organized research on effects and economic indicators of application and impact of quality incontinence aids compared to the effects achieved through classical care for incontinent persons.  The results of the research were presented at the consultation in Selce in 1994, attended by all the heads of institutions and the head nurses. After this research and counseling, the use of aids for incontinence is accepted in all institutions as a cheaper and better solution.

Shortly after that, in 1995, research was also made in hospitals. Its results were used for the presentation in a conference organized by SimBex in Novi Vinodolski, with the purpose to inform healthcare staff with all forms of quality care for incontinent persons.

In 2001, with the approval of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, SimBex made research in all social welfare institutions, in order to identify, for each inmate, the type and severity of incontinence and to propose a suitable aid. Quality aids and their proper application may bring considerable savings in spending on aids and rationalize the work of caregivers.

Low-quality aids can cause infections, irritation and pressure ulcers, while with quality aids we provide complete care for people with a problem of incontinence.

Since incontinence is a serious social problem (more frequent than cardiovascular disease), high-quality medical research is necessary.

SimBex has been continuing with research for more than 24 years to find new solutions to address incontinence. His close co-operation with one of the biggest manufacturers of aids in incontinence and his choice of quality resulted in many smiles on the faces of the user, and the power of giving smile and feeling of satisfaction is the biggest victory of this company.