Proper care implies high product quality and care for the entire human environment. Whether it is about a woman who becomes a mother, a newly born baby, someone who is preparing for new sports ventures, or someone who has, unfortunately, experience an accident, a surgery or certain health problems, it is always important what we choose as a treatment.

The product should solve a certain problem or properly assist in making life easier. The production processes used in the development of products are largely related to its quality and to the planning of sustainable development.

Of course, the most important factor in sustainable development is environmental care. Since we constantly use natural resources, it is important that we do this in a way that we will take care of all the elements of our environment. Forest renewal, wastewater monitoring, water consumption, waste minimization and recycling are integral parts of high-quality production.

Certificates of the ecological approach in production

An overview of the raw materials used for production is integral parts of ecological production. It is Effects on water and air, energy consumption, use of chemicals during production and the use of raw materials from renewable and organic sources are carefully monitored. Effects on the environment and chemical and material usage are in accordance with internationally recognized standards. In the case of using plastics, it must be produced from renewable materials.

Certificates that, among others, confirm this level of quality:

Nordic Ecolabel, FSC, EMAS, Oeko-Tex.

Certificates of quality impact on the user

Each product produced by a quality process requires another quality assurance, which is its effect when used. The product should meet the needs of the user at the highest possible level, with no side effects.

Certificates that confirm the positive and quality effect on the user are:

Astma Allergi Danmark, Dermatologically Tested and Oeko-Tex.

Design certificates

Additional confirmation of quality is the award for product design, which shows that the product is of not only high quality. Its design is made to the satisfaction of those who use it.

The certificate that confirms this level of quality is:

Red dot design award.

Each certificate is renewed yearly. The rules for its renewal are stricter each year which affects the development of technology and raises standards for the environment preservation.

Certificate for the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015


Certificate for the Management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2015


Certificate for the Management System in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007


Our products can boast a number of quality certificates such as:

nordic ecolabel dermatologically tested
fsc reddot
confidence in textiles astma allergi denmark