SimBex is a company who has just slightly opened the door to a new era in which incontinence is something that can be discussed more openly and with confidence and in which unimagined possibilities of prevention and treatment are being discovered.

Incontinence has been covered in mystery for years, until 25 years ago a small but determined company decided to get this taboo in grip, in its own way. It became an indispensable provider of quality solutions for that difficult and ever more present health and social problem.

The results of the 25-year work of SimBex through various forms of action are more than obvious and recognizable. The results of the best testified through the praise and recognition of those who literally felt on their skin the efficiency and beneficence of the aids that SimBex provides.

For many years, SimBex has been persistently pointing to the need for education in the selection and application of incontinence aids in order to better manage it.

Education in the area of incontinence includes advice via free info phone 0800 206 206, and personally in education centres located in Zagreb, Split and Osijek.

Institutions for the care of ill and disabled persons (hospitals, retirement homes, home care) are systematically visited by expert associates of SimBex where the assessment of incontinent conditions determines their real needs.

SimBex encourages different thinking about the problem of incontinence and stands firmly behind the promotion of quality life. The goal is to raise awareness that incontinence is not a reason for fear, weakness and exclusion of social life, but that incontinence is a problem, which if it is properly taken care of, does not have to be an obstacle in life.

In today’s world, incontinence aids are incredible, modern technology has provided the best solutions that not only make life easier for people with incontinence but also greatly improve the work of medical staff.

For that purpose, SimBex has organized a Foundation for the care for the elderly and people with a problem of incontinence. It is the only such Foundation in this area and the first of its kind in Europe. The Polyclinic SimBex was founded as a support to the Foundation.

With the aim of providing quality services for the purpose of maintaining health and preventing problems, Medical Supplies Store in Osijek and Zagreb are opened, as health centers where the man has been completely taken care of in one place.

Today, more than 25 years after its establishment, SimBex has been working on education of primary health care and medical staff in social care institutions throughout the Republic of Croatia.

In cooperation with the Croatian Institute for Public Health, SimBex is continuously working on improving the health of older people.