Counselling Centre

The SimBex Foundation has opened a “Counselling Centre for the Elderly and Persons with Incontinence Problems” headquartered in Zagreb, where the SimBex team helps with advice on issues related to incontinence.

The Counselling Centre is available at free phone number 0800 206 206 to everyone throughout the Republic of Croatia. Users can get advice on the treatment of incontinence and the care of elderly and disabled persons.

Poorly treated incontinence is a problem that is not discussed enough, but it affects the everyday life of a man who is incontinent.

Quality knowledge of products for incontinence and orthopaedic aids not only saves money but also creates a sense of security and trust in users.

For all issues related to the problem of incontinence and selection of aids please contact us at free phone number 0800 206 206 (Mon: 8:00 – 18:00, Tue – Fri: 8:00 – 17:00)

How can we help you through Counselling?

One of the most common problems faced by elderly people is incontinence, i.e. the inability to retain urine and feces. SimBex, besides distributing top quality aids for incontinence, also carries out a series of activities aimed at improving the health of the elderly. In 2001, SimBex established a “Foundation for Assisting Incontinent and Elderly Persons” with the intent to educate both the users and the people who are taking care of them.

SimBex cooperates with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. With the Centre for Gerontology of the Public Health Institute of the City of Zagreb SimBex has signed a special agreement on co-operation, i.e. the preparation and realization of programs specializing in the improvement of the quality of life of elderly people.

The Foundation partly finances the supply of incontinence aids for socially less advantaged people. Foundation also works on the education of health personnel and conducts researches related to the problem and consequences of incontinence. With the aim of facilitating and better performing preventive measures, SimBex has issued a brochure “Exercises for Prevention and Treatment of Incontinence”.