Centre for health improvement

Centre for Health Improvement

Knowing that the absolute and relative number of elderly people in the increase and the expected life expectancy in steady growth suggests that older people become an increasingly important medical and social factor. Disruption of physical, mental and intellectual abilities results in the decline in the functional ability of the elderly, resulting in even greater inactivity and withdrawing from society

Consequently, based on many years of experience working with the elderly and needy people, the Foundation SimBex created the project Centre for Health Improvement of older people to prevent or at least to mitigate the ever-present and growing issue.


The activities and services of the Centre are completely free of charge for users, and are based on UN principles for older people (UN Resolution 46/91 of 16/1/1991):

  • Independence
  • Social participation
  • Concern
  • Self-fulfillment
  • Dignity

To members of the Foundation, as well as other citizens, SimBex’s expert associates will help with advice and guidance in addressing certain health, social and psychological difficulties. In order to bring our services closer to all the necessary citizens of Croatia, we set up a free telephone number 0800 206 206.

We educate the citizens through workshops, forums, exercises and free courses (home courses). In the framework of preventive programs, we organize exercise for health improvement. We provide help in the form of aids for incontinence to the socially disadvantaged.

In addition to the direct forms of care / support for elderly and helpless persons, the Foundation continuously organizes training of medical workers who daily care for elderly, infirm, and incontinent people, in order to provide the most appropriate care, by individual approach, to each person in need.

Centre for Health Improvement
Free phone number: 0800 206 206

Zagreb, tel. (01) 48 18 610, (01) 48 18 611

Osijek, Hrvatske Republike 19F, tel. (031) 20 32 05